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African Electronic Diaspora: Black Lives Matter

by Rebel Up! Records

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Duke - Mama 03:15


In the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter protests in June allover the globe, followed by a summer with or without holidays, it’s important to keep the flame burning and the discussion going. The road is still long, but united we stand, moving forward together.

The aim of this compilation is to raise funds for various (inter)national NGO’s, anti-rasicm advocacy groups and organisations of black initiative, with all proceedings to be donated to these causes. The artists donated their tracks as a collaboration between Rebel Up Records, the artists and the international labels Nyege Tapes, Syrphe, Bongo Joe Records, Sdban Records, Galletas Calientes, Blanc Manioc, Indigenous Underground, Strut, Earconditioning and 1000Hz Records. On this compilation we brought together mostly electronic African or Afro descendant artists from the worldwide diaspora and artists based in their homelands, from motherland Africa to Latin America to the Caribbean and back to Europe. It’s a vibrant combination of contemporary sounds that showcases the current talent of the artists and producers, combined with awareness for black lives & art and serving as a fundraiser. You can find a list of the supported organisations on the last page.

As this compilation is an ongoing process, it’s possible that the tracklist can still grow with a few extra songs in the next weeks. Please support & buy this compilation, especially on Friday 4 september during Bandcamp Friday, when Bandcamp waives their fees during 24 hours. Please share & support!

Here is a rundown of organisations to which we will donate the proceedings of this compilation. When addiing the compilation or track(s) to your cart, please indicate your preferred organisation for donation. Look for the ‘include a message to’ underneath the gift card code.

Europe, European Network Against Racism

Belgium, Bamko-Cran / Cafe Congo Bxl / Hand in Hand Tegen Racisme / Mrax / Objectif

France, Ghettup / Licra / CRAN

Germany, KOP / ARIC / Each One Teach One

Netherlands, The Black Archive, New Urban Collective

Portugal, SOS Racismo

United Kingdom, Black Lives Matter UK / Black Minds Matter / The Black Curriculum

Brazil, Criola

Colombia, Renacientes

About the artists on this compilation:

King L Man is spearheaded by DJ Watts Riot, ex-DJ of activist band FunDaMental, globetrotter via Barbados to Canada, UK and finding home in the Canary Islands. For this project he is aided by musicians Hamid Mantu and Angus Ferguson. In this long opening activist song ‘SMELK (A State Of Emergency’, we hear spoken word by Tamika Mallory, Kimberly Jones, James Baldwin, Putney Swope, Sun Ra & ‘Okwe’ over broken beats, jazz rolls and distant funk, to set the right tone.
kinglman.bandcamp.com / soundcloud.com/earconditioning

Sankara Future Dub Resurgence is a dub collective from Uganda with members Ras Isaac, Ras Charles, Kabaka Labartin Klacity and Dhangsha. Supported by the activist label Indigenous Resistance. Their long hypnotic tune ‘Two Thousand Seasons Dub’ is futuristic African music guided by ancestral knowledge and inspired by the book “Two Thousand Seasons” by Ayi Kwei Armah. Future dub for the liberation of the people of West Papua as a lyrical meditation on colonialism past and present, with guest vocals by MC Nina from Indonesia.
dubreality.bandcamp / www.dubreality.com
Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers is the collaboration between traditional vodou musicians from Gonaïves, Haïti and Brussels analog industrial duo The Ångströmers. Their album ‘Vodou Alé’ was released several months ago on Bongo Joe records and is filled with spiritual & energetic vodou songs, traditional percussion and supported by analog machines in a strong industrial dub sound. The song ‘Negriye’ is a powerful recounting of slavery, liberty and an homage to the ancestors by prophet/singer Jean Claude “Sambaton” Dorvil.

Esinam is Belgian-Ghanian artist Esinam Dogbatse, who creates her own eclectic world of jazztronica. Blending traditional and modern instruments with her soulful voice, the warm acoustics are allowed to evolve and take on new dimensions, opening up a kaleidoscopic spectrum of sound and colour. 'Gavoé' recalls the spirit of her Ghanaian roots in a ballet of instruments that displays a level of personal freedom and sensitivity.
sdbanrecords.bandcamp.com/album/esinam / www.esinamdogbatse.com

Dandana is a band with members from Netherlands, The Gambia and Senegal. They bring Afro-Futurist mandingo funk, heavily fuelled by influences of Guelewar and Ifang Bondi. ‘Free The System!’ is from the same titled album that will be released on Rebel Up on friday 18 September. It’s a song that builds up and descends into layered synth funk, with a message that the youth will set our system free, breaking the rule of the old and the conservative.

Disco Vumbi is the alter ego of Kenyan artist Alai K, who calls Berlin his home. After 2 releases on Nyege Tapes and Hakuna Kulala, he just released his latest album ‘Disco Vumbi Vol. 2’ on the Byrd Out label from London. Tribal Benga electro from Eastern Africa in Kiswahili vocals. The track ‘Ni Wewe’ means ‘It’s You’, flowing with punchy electronic beats and warm polyphonic vocals, hints of Benga guitars and horns.

Onipa is a British-Ghanaian quartet, spearheaded by producer Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist) and singer K.O.G. (Kweku of Ghana, of K.O.G. and the Zongo Brigade), Dayne Kilvington (Wonky Logic) and Finn Booth. Earlier this year they released their debut album ‘We No Be Machines’ on Strut Records, an 18 track firebomb of uptempo dance songs, sweet melodies as well as urban bass. ‘Nipa Bi’ is a positive dance song in the uptempo ‘Bubu’ style in honour of the late artist Janka Nabay (Rest In Peace).

Ayuune Sule from Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana, is like a modern day shaman. Armed with his 2 stringed kologo lute and powerful warm voice, he brings life lessons and good vibrations. As part of King Ayisoba’s band he learned to be a versatile musician, in acoustic and contemporary ways. ‘Keleke’ is an uplifting and melodic electronic pop song from the album ‘We All Have One Destiny’ and in January 2021 a new album will be released on Rebel Up & Makkum Records.
Mc Waraba from Bamako, Mali is the king and creator of mandingo afrobeats in Bamako and one the main artist of the Blanc Manioc label. He is back with a new song and with special guest Dangala from his crew Suprême Talent Show. ‘Tèkè Fô Bali’ is an ambient balani pop song that speaks to the spectators who come for the Show and who doesn't like to applaud 👏nor dance, even though they love the music. Get up and enjoy!

Maga Bo is the American born DJ & producer Bo Anderson, who recently naturalised to a Brazilian citizen after living in Rio de Janeiro for nearly 20 years. His work with the Afro Brazilian communities is reknowned in the global bass circles, through his own productions and collaborations as well as the steady Afro Brazilian output of his label Kafundo Records. From his album ‘Quilombo do Futuro’ on activist label Post World Industries comes the track ‘Tempos Insanos’. Featuring rapper & longtime friend Bnegão aka Bernardo Santos, Brazilian bass sounds with maracatu percussion and cut up vocals, about the insane times that we still live in.
magabo.bandcamp.com / kafundrecords.bandcamp.com

Kuenta i Tambú is a Dutch-Caribbean bass collective, fronted by Roël Callister who fuses traditional infuences and electronic bass & rhythms from his home island of Curaçao. Featuring Dutch-Indian moombahton producer Wiwek, ‘They Call It Tambú’ is heavy Soca bass for a full on carnaval tambú song. Uptempo without a pause.
kuentaitambu.bandcamp.com / kuentaitambu.com

Duke hails from Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, home to the Singeli ghetto music with speed up Taarab and Bongo Flava music over gabba beats that start from the 180bpm horizon. Relentless, loopy and trippy until the last beat. Can you follow? Duke is one of the main DJ's from the Singeli scene. Via the Nyege Tapes label that also pushed Sisso Sounds from the same Singeli style.

Scúru Fitchádu is the band fronted by Cap Verdian-Portuguese musician Marcus Veiga from Almada, just across the river Tejo of Lisbon. Their sound is a spiced mash of electropunk, breakcore and funana where Veiga plays the accordeon and ferro to drench his Cap Verdian roots over dark electronic beats. Almost like an Atari Teenage Riot reïncarnated into an Afro Portuguese soul. Sharp edged like the sound of the knife on the iron. ‘Manus Planus Danus’ is a rough adage to the problems of mankind and comes from the debut album ‘Un Kuzu Runhu’.

DJ/producer Dario Magalhaes aka DJ Dariiofox was born in Lisbon to Santomean parents, but installed himself in London a few years ago. He’s actually the younger brother of DJ Nervoso, thé godfather of the Lisbon batida sound via Principe Discos. Producing music since the ago of 15, the sound of Dariiofox travels deep into the Afro Portuguese ghetto sound that we know all too well from Lisbon, with influences from styles such as tarraxo, afrohouse and kuduro. The track ‘Bunker’ is in ghetto house and tarraxo vibe and comes from his recently released EP ‘Twenty Thr33’ together with DJ Doraemon.
djdariiofox.bandcamp.com / soundcloud.com/dariiofox-beatz

Diron Animal hails from the Cazenga ghetto of Luanda, Angola. For his musical ambitions he moved to Porto, Portugal and became part of “rockuduro” band Throes + The Shine for several years before he decided to go solo. His debut album ‘Alone’ was released on Soundway Records, followed by ‘Pair’ which was released on Rebel Up last year. From bouncy funk, to afro disco, afrohouse and kuduro, Diron goes everywhere and in his songs he defends the freedom of love, respect, LGTB issues and social justice. ‘Tira o Pé’ is a bass song where he collaborated with female Angolan MC Pongo and producer XPTO.

Octa Push is the electronic project of the musical Guichón brothers from Lisbon. After some bass and dubstep exploits on labels like Iberian, Steakhouse or Soul Jazz they decided several years ago to focus on Afro Portuguese music influences from various countries. This quest resulted in the album ‘Lingua’, released on their own Combatentes label and Rebel Up. ‘Mana’ is a energetic track in Angolan kuduro spheres with bouncy electrofunk, featuring the vocals of Bruno Do Show. Bruno Do Show.

Lua Preta is the Polish/Angolan duo Mentalcut on the beats and Ms. Gia on vocals. They bring a frenetic mixture of modern club music and African electronic genres including kuduro, afrohouse, gqom and more. ‘Somnilokwie’ means ‘sleeptalking’ and is defined as talking during sleep with varying degrees of comprehensibility. They have released music on Enchufada, Man Recordings and numerous other labels.

Nkom Bivoué is an electronic producer from Yaounde, Cameroon, who puts a focus on Gqom and Afrohouse. His first EP ‘From The Stars’ was released several months ago, bringing the vibe of the distant planet Sirún to our galaxy, from where he claims to be. The global message of this project is Unconditional Love: Let's celebrate together, no matter our differences because in reality we are only ONE. ‘C’est Lancé’ takes you there.

Lord Breu also hails from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. has been a DJ and music producer since 2004 who keeps his attention focused on global bass music of tropical trends. His productions are directly influenced by Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Latin, Bahian and soundsystem culture, and his sets tour Neo-tropicalisms, Afro-futurisms and contemporary, electronic and global rhythms, directly influenced by the culture of sound systems from around the world. ‘Candy’ brings percussive Afro bass in a vibe of lush moombahton.

Telefunksoul aka Mauro Abreu from Salvador de Bahia, in the Northeast of Brazil. As DJ "turnabilist" and music producer he has more than 20 years dedicated to the art of DJ and production between global bass, black music and Afro-Brazilian culture. ‘Aja-Yo’ is a percussive traditional Afoxe song from the Bahia area remixed with electronic melodies and heavy bass.
Remix from a hiphop song by Senegalese-American rapper Akon by Belgian-Congolese producer 808 Bantou, also known as Dr. Kwest or Eric Mbuyamba in the Brussels scene. Influenced by juke, footwork, dubstep, afrohouse, gqom and amapiano vibes, 808 Bantou is a versatile producer of fresh African electronic sounds. This remix comes in an amapiano vibe, referrring to the South African deep house sound.

Born in Congo DR, now based in Kampala, Uganda, producer Rey Sapienz is also one of the co-founders of the Hakuna Kalula label. His electronic urban beats dabble between dancehall, techno and African styles. On ‘Omadlisa’ we hear wobbly clubby bass and deep roughed up vocals as an exclusive track.

WILD/LIFE are 20 musicians from Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda and Poland. Their debut album "Maloto/Dreams" is a hyper-creolized mix of sounds and languages (English, Swahili, Tumbuka, Polish, Kinyarwanda, Kihehe and Kingoni). It is also a dreamlike vision of #betterworldmusic. "Motho" is performed by Tanzanian singer Lantana, MGB Bwoy. from Malawi with producers Wojtek Kucharczyk and Piotr Dang. WILD/LIFE album is co-released by avant-garde imprint Mik.Musik and 1000HZ records, which specialize in experimental and sacral central African grooves.

AFALFL is Mamady Diarra from Paris, France, a former DJ, musician and live coder all in one. He composes and performs his music through several media such as drum machines, written computer codes and synthesizers. He is also part of the global Syrphe family. ‘bass jungl’ is minimal stripped down Afro Bass.
afalfla.bandcamp.com / facebook.com/afalfl

Electronic female artist [MONRHEA] aka Monrhea Carter hails from Nairobi, Kenya. She gained her experience though experimental sounds to electronic club music which she releases on Syrphe and other labels. Her minimalistic Afro Bass track, named ‘MAMA’ is a Swahili (and universal) word for mother. It represents a call to a mother from her daughter.
monrhea.bandcamp.com / soundcloud.com/monrheacarter

Kirdec aka C-drik Fermont is a non-binary multifaceted artist, musical researcher, soundtrack composer and label boss, born in Congo with Congolese, Greek and Belgian roots and based in Berlin. Since 2002 he runs the Syrphe label, an international platform for experimental, electronic, noise music from Asia and Africa. His own productions vary between noise, industrial, electroacoustic and improvised music. ‘A State Of Uncertainty’ is a minimalist percussive soundtrack for these uncertain times.
syrphe.bandcamp.com / syrphe.com

Hailing from Tumaco, on the Pacific coast of Colombia, Plu Con Pla is a group of nine young musicians and activists fighting for the rights and awareness of Afro-descendant peoples. Their song “Insistencia” (“Insistence”) deals with the heavy history (and present day reality) of racism and offers warnings of dangerous judgements. Pacific coast of Colombia meets its African Yoruba-rooted traditions and origins. Later this year they will release a remix EP on Galletes Calientes.
NGO’s / Advocacy groups / Initiatives by black communities

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released September 4, 2020

Big up to all the artists for donating their music for this fundraiser project, as well as support from the labels Nyege Tapes, Syrphe, Bongo Joe Records, Sdban Records, Galletas Calientes, Blanc Manioc, Indigenous Underground, Strut, Earconditioning and 1000Hz Records.
also thanks to Robert Kroos for additional mastering and Murielle Lo for the artwork.
Murielle Lo > www.instagram.com/murielle_lo / murielle-lo.blogspot.com

Supported by Pan African Music, Rhythm Passport, PanM360 and Pointculture Brussels.


all rights reserved



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