1. Tripeando feat. Macha Kiddo
    Don Plok

  2. Climax
    Bernard Orchestar

  3. Wandering Thoughts
    Don Plok, Soom T & Dunumba Soundsystem

  4. Umoya
    Carthnage & Toya Delazy

  5. Don Plok - ALMHD (Instrumental)
    Don Plok

  6. Little Child
    Muito Kaballa

  7. Little Child
    Muito Kaballa

  8. Chicha Popular: Love & Social Political Songs from Discos Horoscopo 1977-1987
    Various Artists

  9. Tsifteteli Club
    Deli Teli

  10. Mini Bad
    Satanique Samba Trio

  11. Mamari Remixed
    Muito Kaballa

  12. Before Zeun Ya Yop EP
    Nkom Bivoué

  13. Mamari
    Muito Kaballa

  14. Curupira EP
    Muito Kaballa

  15. Putoo Katare Yire
    Ayuune Sule

  16. Mamari (Rafael Aragon remix)
    Muito Kaballa

  17. Mamari (single)
    Muito Kaballa

  18. Rebel Up Records Sampler 2018-2020
    Rebel Up! Records

  19. Forrível
    Satanique Samba Trio

  20. Kaladounia
    Kaito Winse

  21. Free The System

  22. African Electronic Diaspora: Black Lives Matter
    Rebel Up! Records

  23. Song Against Corona
    Ayuune Sule

  24. Free The System EP single

  25. klein gevaarlijk afval

  26. Instant Karma
    Satanique Samba Trio

  27. Tagnawit EP
    Cheb Runner

  28. Bajo El Sol

  29. La Hoja De Eucalipto

  30. Mais Bad
    Satanique Samba Trio

  31. Pair
    Diron Animal

  32. Awakening Spirits
    Tropikal Camel

  33. Octa Push - Língua
    Rebel Up! Records

  34. Beats & Pieces
    Luc Mishalle & Marockin' Brass

  35. Habibi
    Babylon Trio

  36. Live @ Nuits Sonores Festival 2017
    Babylon Trio

  37. Arabstazy: Under Frustration Volume 1
    Rebel Up! Records

  38. A Todo Dar
    Memo Pimiento

  39. We Have One Destiny
    Ayuune Sule

  40. Nuri - Drup
    Rebel Up! Records


Rebel Up! Records Brussels, Belgium

Sounds from the global underground! For more than 10 years, Rebel Up is a global DJ collective & organisation. Now is the time for Rebel Up Records to see the light and start releasing artists and music styles that we love. A big focus on contemporary ‘global’ traditional and electronic music to give various cultural movements a voice, such as the diaspora based in Belgium & beyond. ... more

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